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Oh, hail no! Protect your car from hail

With rain and seasonal hailstorms in the forecast, residents are readying their homes, but they shouldn’t forget their second-largest asset, their vehicle.

High winds, hail, and debris from a storm can do tremendous damage to an unprotected vehicle. Vehicles are getting increasingly more complex in their engineering, so any damage can affect more than just the exterior of your vehicle. Features like backup cameras, anti-lock braking, and blind-spot detection all require sensors to work, and that technology needs to be repaired after it’s damaged.

To protect your car against hail damage this summer, it is important to observe weather warnings and ensure your vehicle is in a safe place if a storm event is coming. Park your car in your garage or find a secure parking garage and park on an upper level, if possible, to protect it until the storm passes. If a garage isn’t available, park close to a large building on higher ground to protect from wind and debris.”

Dealing with the aftermath of a big storm can be challenging. Getting your car back up and running shouldn’t add to anyone’s stress. To help with the process, Zander Body Shop suggests:

  • After the storm clears the first thing you should do is contact your insurance agent.

  • Record any damage to your vehicle with photos and video, including street names, road signs, and details on the storm’s impact.

If your vehicle has been flooded, don’t attempt to drive it, as the water can damage the electronics, engine, fuel system, and other critical components – contact a repair professional for assistance.

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