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New Car Smell

Did you know the smell of a New Car is actually added by the Car Manufacturers at the end of the Manufacturing.


Have you ever experienced that sweet smell of a new car? That “New Car smell” is romanticized and beloved by many people. In fact, it is so desired that there is even a air freshener that is scented as the “New Car Smell.” The smell is a combination of more than 50 volatile organic compounds added after manufacturing.

Science behind it:

The new car smell is actually a variety of smells that are mixed together. A combination is more than 50 volatile organic compounds . They somewhat vary from car to car depending on the materials used in the car. The smell results from the release, or “offgassing/outgassing,” of various volatile organic compounds. Due to low boiling points, these compounds release large numbers of molecules into the surrounding air under normal circumstances (like room temperature). VOCs aren’t always inherently bad for you, such as many naturally occurring types, but many man-made VOCs are known to cause various health issues

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